It is possible that the Bouveries / Desbouveries are ancestors of the BUFFREY / BUFFRY family although as yet no confirmed connections have been made

[From Descendants of the Refugees" page 309

"The BOUVERIES were men of mark in their native country. Thus in the Histoire de Cambray et du Canbrensis, published in 1664, it is stated "La famille de BOUVERIE est reconnu passer plusiers siecles entre les patricés de Cambray."

Laurant DES BOUVERIES, a silk manufacturer, was born in Sainghin near Lille, France and fled to England in 1568 as a refugee of religious persecution by Catholics. He settled in Sandwich but later moved to Canterbury, Kent. His descendants moved to London.

Also name spelt as "BOUVERYES".


Edward DESBOUVERIES, 1621 - 1694, was knighted.

Grandon of Laurant DES BOUVERIES.

Became a wealthy Turkey Merchant - Turkey is a type of material.

Son, William, became a baronet in 1711.

Grandson, Sir Jacob, became Viscount Folkestone in 1747.

Phillip, the son of Sir Jacob became Earl of Radnor, took the name of Pusey on his marriage in 1798. The Rev Pusey of Oxford was one of the sons of this marriage.

[source: French Protestant Exiles, Agnew].