By Alun Buffry
Bilbao, July 2008
Life’s not always as it’s dreaming,
With endless videos streaming,
When friends decide to stay,
In dreams, but on the way.
Will I wake up from this seeming?
With starving children screaming,
As half-full plates of food pass by
Parents have to watch their children die;
Whilst all we do is pray!
Reality seems just a noisy fart away.
It must be worth a try to mend
A fracture with a dreaming friend.
‘Cos parting makes on cry,
We ask the hidden reason why.
People, places, faces without meaning,
Souls so many sleeping dreaming,
Faces that are smiling sad,
Intent is good, result is bad.
They tried to make my head dismay,
But is reality but just a noisy fart away?
The dreaming woke me, made me cry,
To Life from which we’re meant to die,
In communes without meaning –
Not always what they’re seeming!
But all inside my body’s head –
I’m really sleeping in my bed!
The world around, the words, the sounds,
I wake to face another day.
Reality was just a noisy fart away!