Waiting For Habib

(Kashmir 1981)


Alun Buffry

The kids in the village of Aru,

Had eyes fixed on us both like glue,

Their eyes shining, open wide,

As they're sitting side by side.

Their granny's there, old, toothless and bent.

Her happy life is almost spent.

But still, just now and once a while

She looked at us and gave a smile.

Whatever it was they were trying to say,

We never knew before on our way.

Their hospitality ever so warm,

Amidst those mountains tall and calm.

We waited for three hours and more

Before Habib's donkey man we saw,

Then off we strode with just a wave,

To walk and eat and sleep and rave.

For Roxana, Musaka a place called home.

For us it was a stepping stone.