Unlucky 13

by Alun Buffry




She is the ruler of my heart.

She just feels like another part,

of my soul.

She is my gaol.


She is the weaver of my dream.

She is my goddess and my queen,

My sky above,

My only love.


I always see her everywhere,

In every piece of henna'd hair.

My heart leaps.

My blood beats.


Yet i want her to stay free.

Fly away with me,

So I can see,

Here there with me.


She is like a lotus flower,

A source of loving power,

That makes me glow.

But does she know?


She is my dearest friend.

I wish she would depend,

On me, loves fool,

Lonely stupid mule.


She is the Partner of my soul,

The half that makes me whole,

My only need,

My divine deed.


When she comes within my sight,

My heart fills up with loving light,

I feel complete,

My world is neat.


I grow with her beside,

Me, and want to be inside

Her Holy form.

My heart is torn.


She puts in me the need

To give my loving seed.

But unlike magic,

My love is tragic.


I love her eyes, her arms, her face,

Her breasts, her feet and moving Grace,

Her happy giggle,

Her sexy wiggle.


When I hold her in my arms,

She makes my storm turn calm,

Like Peaceful Bay,

On sunny day.


When I kiss her lips divine,

And pull her form to mine,

I feel so good,

I wish she would