Turn Me On Song


Alun Buffry

I'm gonna tell you something - and I know I can't be wrong,

Together in this moment we can turn the whole world on.


If we cab be together in this hear and now,

I know that we'd be happy, and I can show you how.


If you feel the inclination, then let the feeling flow,

We can share that true love that will make all hearts aglow.


For happiness that's inside, like a tiny mustard seed,

Is such a blissful feeling that I've never gained from Weed.


So give me just amoment, and listen to my song,

'Cos I wanna turn you on so much to where True Love once belonged.


And after we have parted, life will never be the same,

As we walked along with hand in hand, played our Divine games.


The Time and space between us, may well appear to grow,

But deep down within our hearts, together we'll still know.