by Alun Buffry


We looked up, at the bench, and there sat a Monkey;
Scratching it's head as if trying to understand.
"Why is there so much crime, throughout my sad land?"

The Prosecutor said, "These men here are Evil!".
The Monkey nodded it's head, as if to agree.
"Why should Monkey let evil men free?"

The Defence Lawyer, he said, "I concede naiveté!"
The men in the dock just looked on confused.
The Laws of the Courtroom are daily abused.

"We need more time to convict them." said the Beast in Blue
"It we hunt hard," he said, "we might find us a case,
To lock them away in utter disgrace"

The men, you see, had God's Herb Seed taken,
And grew a fine crop of the peaceful Weed.
A crime without victims, yet men won't be freed.