by Alun Buffry


Transparent butterflies flit amongst the transient stars

as bouncing bubbles burst on broken moonbeams.

Rainbows run around the rippling rivers

fumbling over faithful fountains.

Sparkling shadows seep between the sunsets

whilst whistling weepers wave from windows.

Many millions mourners make a martyr,

standing somewhere silently beyond space.

Loosely rhyming lines of lullabies

gag the gorgeous gems of galaxies,

never noticing the numbered nomads,

driving dozens dromedaries down deserts,

purposely persuading passers by to pay,

countless crispy notes and coded coins -

before the beautiful beholder is belittled.

Frequently the foolish faulty fiddlers

only offer ornamental oodles,

very vaguely valued vibrants,

ever aiming for an endless evening,

questioning the qualities of quanta.

Yet the yellow yodellers yearn

as all the armadillos answer

zealous zebras zimmering in zoos.

It's intelligence involving inhibition,

exalting in exciting extras ever.

And all the world is in an atom - H.