Alun Buffry


Arriving and leaving Athens was dreadful.

It gave us both quite a head full

Of typical Grecian sounds,

Of politics all around.

Their noisy heated ramblings beyond our understanding.


The bus ride was really quite fun

As we journeyed down into the sun,

Into the Pelopenese

Searching for coffees and teas,

Looking for something to eat, that didn't contain any meat.


Patras was then our first stop,

Didn't like it there, not a lot,

But there it was on the coast,

Of which there was something to boast

And suntans proved it was hot.


We found then we were within reach,

Of a small but pebbly beach.

And there in a hat,

Was some silly prat,

Trying to look like a peach!


Then on to Olympia we

Pushed. Ruins that we wanted to see,

The Temple of Zeus

With stones that are lose

The athletes ran naked and free.


We stayed there one day,

And went south, our way,

To Tripoli, Sparta and Mystra

Our feet experiencing blisters,

As hill we climbed without delay.


And from there on the summit,

The views we found fit,

For rulers and kings

Of past placesa nd things

In castles and churches we sit.


Then decided to go

To sweet Githio.

The sea here is blue,

the sky was blue too,

And fishers we're trying to know.


And now I have to rave,

About Spillai - in English that's caves -

I got high as a kite

'Neath huge stalactites,

On lakes without any waves.


It was there underground

With hardly a sound

We saw amidst lights

Such beautiful sites,

Of castles and columns around.