Alun Buffry


We arrived in Agra and were led to a taxi,

By a smiling Moslem, name of Maxi,

Who took us all the sites to see,

Simple charges, a few rupees

You have to spend in every shop

Within which he took us to stop.


"Come in, sit down, don't walk passed

"Look at my stones and see my brass,

"Quality friend you cannot be missing

"Excuse me Sir, I must do some wishing.

"You like some chai, cold drink, coffee?

"No don't talk now of your money!"


"Only to look and not to buy,

"See here it's cheap, and here is why -

"See the craftmanship is fine,

"And it can be yours if you'll just sign

"The cheque or bill or pay in cash,

But first my friend, just smoke more hash!"