Sand through the Hand


Alun Buffry


Life flows so quick like golden sand

Each grain a day passed through godís hand

Each moment precious as a jewel

And Yet I waste it like a fool.

You looked at me my heart to sway

But blind I was and looked away

Back to desires and lust and greed

From which You begged me to be freed.

I never ceased to grab and hoard,

Always forgetting my sweet Lord,

That Love lives on within inside

From whom no soul would wish to hide.

I pray to you Lord, to be so kind

And give me strength to ignore my mind,

So from your path Iíll never stray

And at your feet my life will stay.

Those things for which once I craved

You showed inside and I was saved,

Lifeís flow became a flow of bliss.

Each grain a chance Your feet to kiss.

And if ever off I stray again,

Please call me back to holy Name

That Light inside me, make itglow,

Your endless love, please let me know.